Buy Beginner Plan - erections lasting up to 20 minutes

Price: $1.00

The self-educational Beginner Plan is for men, regardless of age and the presence or absence of wives or permanent sexual partners, who want to instantly solve their erection and/or premature ejaculation problems.

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About Beginner Plan:

  • Access to the step-by-step video tutorials on penile injections for the Beginner Plan.
  • Access to the calculator of individual Test dosages. (The Test dosage provides erections lasting for up to 20 minutes.)
  • Tips and tricks for the Beginner plan.
  • Recommended to all beginners.
  • Recommended to older men for prevention of the prostatitis and the benign prostatic hyperplasia.
  • Recommended to those men who suffer from impotence by the reason of being sexually abstinent for a long period of time.
  • Recommended for penile rehabilitation after the radical prostatectomy surgery.
  • The Test dosage of the Beginner Plan is absolutely risk free. No probability of excessively long erection with the Test dosage.

ATTENTION! You should not use our self-injection method if you have any of the conditions listed below.