Our center was established in 1994.
Our occupations: medical sexology, endocrinology, internal therapeutics, medical rehabilitation, psychotherapy, therapeutic massage, sports medicine and therapeutic physical training.

We are not only medical doctors but also men of great intracavernous self-injecting skill. We have done uncountable self-injections ourselves. We have wide teaching experience. We have taught hundreds of our patients how to get instant hard and prolonged erections whenever and wherever they need them.

We created this site for men who need prolonged erections for some reason: for penile rehabilitation after radical prostatectomy surgery, for the prostatitis recurrence prophylaxis, for men who suffer from diseases that cause erection problems, for men who have young wives which are not satisfied with 40- – 60-minute intercourses, for healthy men who are simply not satisfied with the quality of their erections etc.


Erection centre

Practice – it is the key ingredient for getting results in using penile self-injections.